This May be in Your Inbox

Written by, Alexis Candelaria This may be sitting in your inbox and you may remember me. In 2005, we had a January interim class together in college and started seeing each other. In June 2005, I was seventeen weeks pregnant when I had an abortion; you got me pregnant, I was barely twenty years old, […]
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Major Supreme Court Case!

The Supreme court is set to take up a case that challenges the very core of Roe v. Wade. Here is the link that breaks down public opinion, research and data, while also reviewing some of the key points of the monumental case. If you haven’t read my book, which predicted this very thing would […]
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Featured Book

In The Absence of Grace has been featured on the following website! Check it out! In The Absence of Grace by Alexis Candelaria


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It’s Here!

In The Absence of Grace is NOW available in Kindle and Paperback format! Check it out. Give it a read!

Fiction is hard!

Oh, the trials and tribulations of a writer. The last few months were not gentle on me as I tried to create only to be met with (what seemed like) interminable frustration. Recently, someone asked me, flippantly why I bother with fiction. Fiction isn’t real. Isn’t not substantive. They pressed, why do I let fiction […]
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Published works written by Alexis Candelaria

Have Faith, 2015  available on In Disconnect, 2019   NOW available on In the Absence of Grace, 2020