Fiction is hard!

Oh, the trials and tribulations of a writer. The last few months were not gentle on me as I tried to create only to be met with (what seemed like) interminable frustration. Recently, someone asked me, flippantly why I bother with fiction. Fiction isn’t real. Isn’t not substantive. They pressed, why do I let fiction bother me so much?

Fiction is a challenge. There are no guidelines, no stones to follow as you make your way along what you assume is a path you are meant to follow. It may not be “real” but the experience certainly is. The experience I have writing and creating is real, and it’s worth all of the tears and frustration. Writing fiction is how I connect and understand people, it’s how I ultimatley learn about myself. I suppose it’s often a reflection of my own ideologies, other people’s own ideals, ideas I am grappling to understand. Fiction is all about ideas and I love exploring them; whether they be my own or someone elses. I chase ideas as far down the rabbit hold as I possibly can. I always find something worthwhile, you know?

So, fiction is hard. It’s been 90 days and that’s what I’ve learned to embrace. With that overture, I am excited that my new novel “In Search of Lost Space and Time” is finally moving forward. Take a look. Give it a read, and let me know what you think.


Alexis Candelaria

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